Please take a moment and visit: It really is the first platform of its kind, offering fully accredited Art Therapy courses, as well as an exclusive community devoted to the world art therapy and the creative process. Students and artists can share their work to private and public galleries and can even create a commercial profile in order to sell their artwork and receive commissions.

Create, Believe, Manifest at "The Source" in Vero Beach, Florida 

Since September 19, 2017, four talented women have come together with the intentions to motivate and inspire people in need, who are homeless, poor or struggling with addictions.

 Camy, Liz, Karen and Kappi have started volunteering once a week at “The Source” in Vero Beach, Fl, offering art therapy classes, creative writing, journaling, photography, doodling and many more crafts projects.

 Every Tuesday from 10:00am-11:30am the clients have the opportunity to participate in those classes with the freedom to express themselves and start a healing process from any wounds that kept them from reaching a productive life.