Hello and Welcome!

I'm Camy De Mario, an author and artist who loves to help others become happy and manifest all the dreams they've been wishing for. We can handle and transform our struggles easier than we think, healing our emotions and discovering our purpose.

"Intentional Doodling"  is all about  our creative expressions which are developed through doodling, coloring and writing.

We don't need to be artists to be able to doodle. There are many different basic symbols that can be learned and with a little practice transformed into our own designs. We draw what our heart inspires us. We use colors to give a bright life to our design and we write an intention to succeed in our dreams and goals.  I've witnessed many positive changes in my own life since I started using  this fun method to uplift and empower myself, increase my focus and memory. I volunteer for a local shelter in Vero Beach, Florida  "The Source" for the homeless and the poor, where I teach the clients this creative process helping them release emotional stress and their limited beliefs. I'm offering you "Free Gifts"  to start creating your own colorful intentions and enjoying a new meaningful life.

Happy "Intentional Doodling"!

Much Love,